The Gullo Company is located in Aliminusa, a town in the province of Palermo, located approximately 450 meters above sea level in the River Torto Valley, in a hilly area in the lower extent of the Madonie Mountain range. The olive oil mill was founded in 1995 and is run by young entrepreneurs, who are dedicated to the land with a passion for olive tree cultivation. The name of the oil Terre senz’acqua describes the features of the territory. Armisch, in Arabic means “valley without water” and it is the ancient name of Aliminusa. Our company tries to represent and pass on to the new generations the natural beauty of our rural landscape, alongside the appreciation for the high quality of the food products that are grown in this territory.

Frantoio Gullo
Contrada Mandria di Carlo - 90020 Aliminusa (PA)
Tel. 0918997422 - Cell. 328 6911768 - -
P.I. 04867650824